$195.00 USD

Raising a Fearless Warrior - Parent Training

Investing in your knowledge as a parent to make it feel less overwhelming trying to give your daughter confidence. It really can be this simple!

3 Video Trainings will be released each week starting on JUNE 15th!

Sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the portal that you can watch or listen like a podcast! 

What the program includes:

  • Parent Skill #1 - Mastering Your Words. What to say and how to say it. Without cheesy pep talks or feeling like you're nagging her! With the 3P Method you can!
  • Parent Skill #2 - Co-Regulating Emotions. Understanding how to navigate tricky emotions and avoid meltdowns and shutdowns. Creating a safe space to bond with your athlete and build upon your relationship together! I will show you how to create psychological safety and activities through cognitive behavior theory practices. 
  • Parent Skill #3 - Empowering with Actions. Know which mental skills will help her have the most amount of success. Let her take the lead because you've given her the confidence to do it too! Consider this YOUR half of mental training!


  • Access to all of our LIVE Parent Trainings where we bring in guest speakers and parent experts EACH Month!