Help Your Daughter Finally Believe In Herself and Play Like You KNOW She Can!

Discover The 12 Mental Skills That Will Actually INCREASE YOUR DAUGHTER'S CONFIDENCE So She Can CRUSH It On Gameday!


Give Her The Gift of Confidence

If you’re done with the struggles, tears, frustrating moments after practice and games… 

Then it’s time for your daughter to empower a warrior mindset!

If she’s struggling to NOT be so hard on herself.

If she lets her emotions get the best of her and throw her game off.

If she isn’t as confident in her abilities to perform when it matters the most.

Why You Can NO LONGER Afford to Ignore the Mental Side of the Game…

If your daughter seems to hit a plateau and is struggling to trust her training…

She’s making mistakes, finding herself in slumps…

Things you know she’s totally capable of, but it’s just not showing up on gameday...

Chances are you’re feeling torn because you know your daughter’s true potential, but you also don’t want to be THAT overbearing parent that ends up pushing them away. That you might be feeling a little stumped as to how to help her and having to choose between the loving parent or the tough love coach. So maybe at times you feel stuck because you don’t know what role you should be playing.

And the truth is…

You can be their loving parent AND their guide that gives them what THEY need so they can get through this plateau themselves.

Because what’s really causing this plateau, the stagnation in their performance, is what’s going on between their ears.

The most elite athletes in the world have reached the pinnacle of performance and talent, yet they still leverage the power of a well prepared mind.

If it was solely talent alone that could unlock success, why spend time on the mental game? Because it matters!

No matter how much training you do or how many lessons you get her, or how much harder she works, if the between the ears doesn't get solved, NOTHING is going to change a thing.

You’re going to be sinking a bunch of money into stuff that's not even going to be helping, it’s actually going to be hurting. 

If she is in fear, self sabotage mode, how does more training help her if she’s only getting physical training and not the mental training?

If anything it’s going to make it WORSE!

Because if she’s in a negative mental state, and she gets more training, and the mental state is affecting her performance, the more she trains this way, and the more you sink money into training, it’s just going to reinforce her lack of confidence because she’ll see more evidence of the contrary.

She’ll get into even bigger ruts, slumps, with higher stakes, and higher chances of resentment towards softball and possibly towards you as her parent.

Let's face it, we overlook the mental side of our game.

Everyone seems to have a hitting coach, pitchers had a pitching coach, everyone has the hottest bat available, and yet something IS still missing. Despite all the growth and exciting things in the softball world, why are we still seeing a lot of defeated faces and frustration? Girls are still struggling to show up at lessons with confidence and say things that make me realize they don’t actually believe in themselves.

How could I help these girls? Is it possible to actually teach confidence? After 2 years of performance psychology research and collaboration, the answer is YES! 

We become UNSTOPPABLE when we start to leverage the power of a STRONG Mental Game.


will unleash a whole new level of CONFIDENCE in your softball player on and off the field!

Mental Skills are the most effective way to increase confidence and decrease performance related anxiety. Help them focus on what they need to do to perform at their best in pressure situations (games!). Allowing them to feel composed, empowered, and poised for success.

You may not even recognize the same person and start to wonder, "who is this girl?"

Introducing the...

The FEARLESS WARRIOR Program is a 3-PHASE WARRIOR FRAMEWORK to Mastering Mental Skills Training.

That will transform your daughter…

From a doubtful, discouraged, and underestimated softball player

To an EMPOWERED, CONFIDENT, Softball Player with a WARRIOR mindset!

➡︎ Help her get off the emotional roller coaster of the highs and lows of her successes and failures. 

➡︎Realize her true identity without being solely defined by how she performs on the softball field. 

➡︎Stop negative self talk in its tracks so she can coach herself through any tough situation.

➡︎ The truth about how to leverage game day nerves and adrenaline to her advantage.

➡︎See her confidence soar as she embodies this new way of thinking giving her a sense of control over her life.

Do you feel like you don't know where to begin? Do you feel like your daughter has all the physical skills but she’s "stuck" in the same patterns? 
You're not alone.

Softball parents and players from all over the country have found THE Secret Sauce elite athletes are using to set themselves apart.

Actual processes, methods, and routines elite athletes have been using for years to perform at their best! You’ll see a calm, focused, and poised warrior ready to play fearlessly!

Join Fearless Warriors Representing 26 Different States!

Will you add another state to the map?


Why Players and Parents are RAVING About What The FEARLESS WARRIOR Program Has Given Them!

"Tatum has an amazing work ethic, she always puts in the extra time and effort to get better and become successful. She lets temporary failures or nerves get the best of her. She was afraid to fail and fall short of expectations (sports and life) and that would mentally break her down. She now has lots of tools to call upon and use to help her to cope and still be successful (and be okay if she's not). It has helped her to become mentally stronger and given her tools to help her refocus, gain confidence, and build positivity."

Nicole M.
Fearless Warrior Parent

"Out of the 12 strategies, I have always had a problem with anxiety and trying to overcome that. With one of the strategies, it helped me learn some ways to cope through scenarios. I always had pressure on me and my motivation was not as strong and as I told myself that I got this, I gradually became more open and I was able to take deep breaths in and let it all soak in. And I enjoyed it more afterwards."

Mollie K.
Fearless Warrior Member

"I feel Alexis has a better understanding on how to handle adversity/stress. Being able to correct her emotions herself and know when she might be going down the wrong path. It is worth every penny. I also love how this has helped Alexis and my relationship as "dad" and "coach".This program is something that EVERY athlete should go through. It has helped me personally and professionally. This program isn't for just young athletes, but for anyone wanting to get better at life."

Luke S.
Fearless Warrior Parent

What’s waiting for you inside The FEARLESS WARRIOR Framework

Once you become a Member you’ll have access to the 3-PHASE WARRIOR FRAMEWORK. Each Phase includes Mental Skills Modules.

12 Proven Mental Skills Elite Athletes are Using to Increase Their Performance.



The 3-Phase Fearless Warrior Framework

Phase 1 - Building a Warrior

Phase 2 - Training a Warrior

Phase 3 - Being a Warrior 


The single most important way to impact your daughter for the rest of her life. Helping her understand who she is as a person and how her mind works. She’ll realize the ways she can leverage her super powers.

#1 Creating a Foundation

The secret to getting your daughter to realize the importance of the parent-player relationship and even the coach-player relationship. Guiding her to understand the value of a strong support system and by opening the lines of communication can actually decrease performance anxiety and increase her confidence.

#2 Discovering Her True Identity

The single most important way to impact your daughter for the rest of her life. Helping her understand the roles she faces and how those can work cohesively. Helping her get off the emotional roller coaster of the highs and lows of her successes and failures. Realizing her true identity without it being solely defined by how she performs on the softball field.

#3 Creating Her Mission

Discover how to help her uncover her why so that she can reach a new level of commitment to her softball career. Without a strong centered why the risk of quitting or hanging up the cleats becomes a recurring thought every time things get tough. Help her stay centered and focused around why she plays and what her purpose is for playing.

#4 Increasing Her Motivation and Discipline

The sneaky way to get your daughter to increase her motivation to practice on her own without begging, bribing, or pleading. The fastest process to start reaching her goals. A proven method to increase motivation and self determination to accomplish anything. Empower her with a plan to start seeing progress on and off the field.


The Secret Sauce to Activating Mental Skills in her game no matter what the game throws her way. Creating a calm and composed warrior who simply doesn’t get phased.

#5 Reframing Her Inner Thoughts

Discover the inner dialogue she’s really having and how to leverage it for better performance when it matters most. Stopping negative self talk in its tracks so she can self recognize and coach herself through any tough situation. See her confidence soar as she embodies this new way of thinking.

#6 Overcoming the Pressure of the Game

You’ll discover how elite athletes are able to perform under pressure in any situation. Building key routines at different phases of the game can create a calm and collected player regardless of what the scoreboard says.

#7 Overcoming Her Fears

The secret to getting your daughter to open up to you about her deepest fears. Breaking down barriers that are holding her back from performing at her best and living her life carefree. Giving her tools to overcome her fears and conquer them before they stop her in her tracks.

#8 Visualizing Success

How to increase your success on the field without picking up your glove. The secret techniques used by college coaches to prime their teams for success and gain the advantage before game time. Putting mental reps in place to increase performance and self efficacy for any new skill.

#9 Creating a Failure Recovery Plan

The single most important mechanism for softball players to understand and implement. Playing a sport with a high level of failure rate doesn’t necessarily mean we have to accept failure, but rather the ability to bounce back faster after failure does occur.

#10 Staying Focused in the Moment

The truth about how to leverage game day nerves and adrenaline to your advantage. Maintaining a calm collected appearance on the outside, while getting ready to dominate from the inside out. The secret to not letting distractions, the other team, umpires, get inside their head and wreak havoc on their performance.


Tools to help her maintain this newly adopted mindset. Impacting her outlook on life as well as becoming a leader her teammates and coaches lean on.

#11 The Power of Problem Solving

Discover how to empower your daughter to handle her own problems that arise in her life, from playing time to teammates to classwork. Removing emotions and addressing problems with a composed demeanor and sense of control.

#12 Leadership Skills for Life

What coaches are really looking for in a leader. How to effectively lead a team and build authentic relationships through servant leadership. Stand out from the crowd by giving back as a natural leader other teammates will look up to for inspiration.


  1. Printout the Reflection Guide to Follow Along, Take Notes, and Reflect.

  2. Watch the Video Lesson to Learn the Skill.

  3. Put it Into Action by Practicing the Mental Skill Drill.

  4. Access Additional Resources for Further Learning.

  5. Earn a Surprise Badge for each Module Completed!

  6. Use What You've Learned  and CRUSH IT on Gameday!


    *BONUS* Access the modules on any device. Perfect for car rides to practice or games!


This program was created specifically for SOFTBALL athletes to utilize mental skills training to their advantage. Our sport has an incredibly high failure rate, speaking directly to the experiences your daughter faces and helping give her tools to feel more in control of her mindset. 

Mental skills training can be learned at any age. Although each of the mental skills modules have basic and advanced components to them, we aim to break it down into understandable concepts at a 4th grade level. As your daughter gets older she will experience more and more emotions, obstacles, and self awareness. 

This is NOT a quick fix or a “one and done” program. Mental skills training takes hard work and commitment just like learning any other skill. This program is not for you if you’re not committed to practicing these skills weekly if not daily with your daughter. 

Get comfortable with being UNCOMFORTABLE. Without understanding your daughters fears, doubts, and worries you cannot make progress to change her thinking. You must be willing to have difficult conversations and support her when she opens up to you. How can you fix what you don’t know exists?

"Okay Coach AB, How much will this cost?"

When it comes to your daughter's future, let's look at the big picture...

  • A transformation that can unlock unlimited potential and open the door for recruiting...
  • A small investment that could pay huge dividends for your daughter...
  • The day to day changes you’ll start to see in her desire to take ownership of her life...
  • Skills that she'll use beyond the softball field...

This will impact her for the rest of her life.

It’s exactly what I teach to help these girls reach their full potential. And when you weigh that against the investment for your daughter then it’s an easy choice. 
Knowing what I know now, I would have paid over a thousand dollars for this in my own softball career, because of the doors it would have opened for me. Not just on the softball field. 

Fearless Warrior Framework


*NEW* A Self-Paced Course to access the entire Fearless Warrior Framework at your own pace. Recommended for Ages 8-18.

What's Included:

  • 12 Mental Skills Modules
  • 12 Video Lessons
  • 12 Reflection Guides
  • 12 Mental Skill Drills
  • Additional Resources for further learning.
  • Earn a Surprise Badge for each Module Completed!
  • Earn a Fearless Warrior Swag Box Upon Completion!
  • LIFETIME Access!


If you're still wondering if this is right for your daughter, this program will undoubtedly impact the way she approaches all aspects of her life, not just between the chalk lines. You might also wonder if she will follow through with the program. What if she doesn't like it? All I ask is that your daughter completes the first two modules and I will take care of the rest. Leave it up to me as her mental skills coach. If your daughter puts in the work after two modules and it's still not a good fit, email us anytime at [email protected], we'd be happy to refund the entire cost of the program.

My goal is to give you the peace of mind that if this is truly something you've been looking for to help your daughter, If there's even a slight chance this might be right for your daughter, you can get started today and have peace of mind.



You’ll be the most popular parent of the year when your daughter finds out what EXTRA SURPRISES are included!


Guest Speaker Recordings Bonus ($600 Value!)

Listen to Some of the Phenomenal Guest Speakers From Past Fearless Warrior Programs.

You’ll get immediate access to these recordings where they share their biggest obstacles, struggles, and triumphs in the game.

Hannah Huesman, MS, CMPC

Phillies Mental Skills Coordinator

Mental Sweat Founder

Former D1 Softball Player

Kiki Stokes

Professional Softball Player

College Softball Coach

Nebraska Softball Alum

Janie Reed


Church on the Dirt Ministry

Oregon Softball Alum

Jade Rhodes

Professional Softball Player

2018 Rawlings Gold Glove Winner

Auburn Softball Alum

Taylor McQuillin

Professional Softball Player

Mexican National Team

Arizona Softball Alum

Ashley Burkhardt

Ashley Burkhardt Training

Former Professional Softball Player

College Softball Coach


Lifetime Access Bonus to the ENTIRE Program 


PLUS Mobile App Access for on the go! ($1,000 Value!)

- You’ll get access to updated content and versions

- 3-Phases with 12 Mental Skills Modules and accompanying PDF guides

- Past Guest Speaker Recordings

- Mobile App Access For mental training on the go.

- Reference back to skills and drills at a moments notice


Program Completion Swag Box Bonus ($50+ Value!)

When your daughter completes the program she’ll get a special package delivered to your doorstep!

- Fearless Warrior T-Shirt

- Fearless Warrior Journal 

- Stickers

- Other surprises included!

* You must COMPLETE all modules 

Let’s huddle for a recap…

When you enroll in the FEARLESS WARRIOR Program you get instant access to the 3-PHASE Process with 12 Mental Skills Modules… videos and exercises that transform your daughter from the doubtful softball player that’s too hard on herself to the empowered, confident, FEARLESS WARRIOR. With the entire program with lifetime access and bonuses, that makes everything you get worth well over $2647!


Because the enrollment period wont be open for long…
And membership for the FEARLESS WARRIOR Program only opens up 5 times a year.

You can choose to EMPOWER your daughter with tangible tools she can use to impact her for the rest of her life and invest today.
Or you could do nothing and ignore this problem and slowly let your daughter sink into her self doubt and self sabotage by not investing in her future.
So if you choose empower, then simply click the yellow button below and my team and I will be waiting for you on the inside!

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether your daughter struggles with her self confidence or she wants to level up her game, you don’t have to wait until you see a problem to use mental skills training. If she is committed to practicing these skills and tools it will undoubtedly equip her for life on and off the softball field.

My team and I have built out rewards and recognition for each module they complete. I recommend taking one module at a time and taking the time to practice these skills much like you would learning hitting drills. It is not a magic pill or quick fix, but rather a skill she will have to learn and commit to using on a daily basis. Plus, when she completes the program she will get a congratulatory swag box mailed to her!

Mental Skills training can be used at any age. It’s never too early to start teaching them tools and techniques to control their emotions and reactions. I highly recommend that you wait to enroll in the Team Program until she is at least 13 years of age.

Each module is self paced, meaning the video lesson, reflection guide, mental skill drill, and additional resources can be absorbed as fast or as slow as needed. Recognizing that each person learns differently, we recommend going through 1-2 modules per week. The advanced team program will cover 2 modules per week.

If at any point during the program you find yourself struggling to apply a concept, email [email protected] with your questions and my team and I would be happy to guide you further with additional resources or simply answer your questions. Individual private sessions are also available for purchase with Coach AB upon request.


Amanda Schaefer has played and coached at every level. It is now her mission to bring mental skills training to softball athletes across the country to help them overcome their fears, remove self doubt, and perform to their fullest potential.

Softball has seen tremendous growth over the past few years, but something was still missing. With access to hitting coaches, pitching coaches, speed and agility coaches, and even nutritionists, she noticed that some of the most athletically equipped players still struggled to trust their training. Self doubt, anxiety, and emotions were sabotaging all their hours of hard work. Something HAD to change to help these young women before it was too late.

Collaborating with mental skills coaches, performance psychologists, and coaches across the nation, Coach AB set out to create a program to teach girls how to learn and implement mental skills training. Skills that big name college programs have been using for years as their best kept secret. Something so powerful that Olympic athletes and Pro athletes are implementing even at the highest level of physical ability, yet they still know their greatest asset and weapon is a sharply trained mind.

Coach AB creates an environment for young softball athletes to start to understand how their brain works, how they approach their mental game, and how they can use it to their advantage on and off the field. Through her style of passion and excitement for the game, her unique approach gives girls a fresh perspective that they can actually enjoy the game, play free from expectations and pressure, while watching the magic unfold. She believes in the unlimited potential for personal growth that can positively impact these girls for the rest of their lives. After all, we are preparing leaders for life outside the chalk lines.

Coach AB is also proud to be working towards a Mental Performance Master Certification from renowned Mental Performance Coach, Brian Cain.


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