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Discover tools and techniques that will INCREASE YOUR DAUGHTER'S CONFIDENCE, help her get out of her own head, and PERFORM LIKE YOU KNOW SHE CAN!

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Do you feel like your daughter has all the physical skills but she gets "stuck" in her head sometimes?

You're not alone.

Most parents think that if they just invest in more lessons, spend more time hitting or pitching, and get access to the best instructors, that it will “fix” their daughter’s confidence.

But the truth is…

No matter how much physical training you get her, NOTHING is going to change if she doesn’t believe in herself.

No amount of hard work will ever be enough if she doesn’t TRUST her training on gameday.

Mastering her Mental Game is the MOST CRUCIAL ingredient to her success.

Learn THE Secret Sauce elite athletes are using to unlock new levels of success!

Actual processes, methods, and routines elite athletes have been using for years to perform at their best! You’ll see a calm, focused, and poised warrior ready to play fearlessly!


The Fearless Warrior Program

Our Step by Step Process for Making Metal Performance Easy and Fun for Your Athlete in just 15-30 minutes a week!

It’s Time to Create an EMPOWERED, CONFIDENT, Softball Player with a WARRIOR Mindset!

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This isn’t just about softball, these are LIFE SKILLS.

When she changes the way she thinks from the inside out, she will be unstoppable not just on the softball field, but in all areas of her life.

Enough confidence to…
✔️ Ace her math test
✔️ Stand up to the bully at school
✔️ She believes she can get into the best colleges
(all the ways confidence can help her in her life)

What is that worth to you as a parent?


Casey G. - Parent

This program is priceless! As a parent this program provides us with communication tools to have tough conversations. It allows us to breakdown the mental game and really assist Reagan in seeing the connection between her mindset and her performance. As an individual it gave her the tools to rely on herself and feel empowered to take control of her mental game on the field and in life.

Amy M. - Parent

Her pitching workouts have become much more productive. She finishes feeling more confident rather than upset and mad at herself. I can remind her of different mental skills to try, and she actually uses them and it changes her thought process. I can see her pausing to take deep breaths, she turns around and reads her mantra that is taped to the wall in our garage, and she stays much more positive with new drills. It has taken a lot of pressure off her.

Jen H. - Parent

I feel like she has some tools now to help her through the fear that was preventing her from being at her best. I don't think we are there 100% but I feel like there is some stronger foundation for success. I think my biggest takeaway has been better communication for her and I. To talk on the same page about her fear and how to overcome. It is a program that will not only benefit your daughter but also you as a parent.

Real Athletes, Real Results

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Enroll in the Fearless Warrior Program

Get twelve, confidence boosting video modules broken into action steps your athlete can actually use on game day.

We developed this program with your busy schedule in mind. The lessons only take a few minutes to watch and each one includes a Mental Skill Drill she can use at her very next practice or game.

Watch this video to take look inside the Fearless Warrior Program to see how it works!


Fearless Warrior Program




  • Watch a 5-8 minute video that explains the Mental Skill. 
  • Download the module PDF with notes and powerful reflection questions for journaling or discussing out loud with a parent. (5-10 minutes)
  • Athlete is given a specific action item called a Mental Skill Drill to practice the skill during the week.
  • Athlete attends the Coaching Call on Sunday evening for LIVE Coaching with Coach AB and Staff. (30-45 min)
  • Plus BONUS content + resources!
  • Lifetime access to the program portal! 


Payment Plan Available at Checkout

The Upcoming Program will run from February 5th - April 23rd

Join us for weekly Coaching Calls each Sunday at 7pm CT | 8pm ET. 
These LIVE sessions is where your athlete will get directly coached by our staff to implement what they are learning and how to apply it to the field and LIFE!
These will be recorded and available each week!

How Does Group Coaching Work?


When you enroll in our Group Coaching Program for $295 she will join other warriors for an 12-week coaching experience. ($1,191 Value!)

Join The Fearless Warrior Program

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Parents, you can train right along side her too!

Parent Mental Skills Training Portal


  • Dedicated Parent Section
  • Over 12 Different Workshop Topics
  • $600 in past trainings!

Parent Workshop - Oct 11th


  • Jake Thompson
  • Owner of Compete Every Day
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  • Access the Coaches Workshop Training
  • Learn HOW to Coach your athlete
  • Practice Plans

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Money-Back Guarantee

We believe in the Fearless Warrior Program so much that if it doesn’t totally change your daughter’s life, we’ll refund you in full. Try it out for 30 days and see what’s possible when she has the tools for lasting success!


Ready to see her hard work payoff on game day? 

Let's Empower Her with the Right Mental Tools

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